Do You Want to Add a Special Touch to Your Landscape?

Hire us for residential curbing installation in Oakton, VA

Are your mulch beds and trees looking a little dull? Make them the focal point of your yard by hiring Curbing by Design for landscape edging in Oakton, VA. When you contact us, we'll schedule a consultation to discuss curbing design options. Your free written estimate will include a design proposal and cost breakdown of materials. Once your proposal is signed, we'll get to work on giving your property a gorgeous curbed landscape.

Get the landscape you've always envisioned. Reach out to set up a curbing installation design appointment with one of our professionals.

Our Process

1. Free Consultation

Meeting at your home provides an opportunity to learn about our company, curbing and your goals. We will walk the property and work together to select the right color and curbing style to best accentuate your property.

2. Free Estimate

We will send you a digital proposal that details the materials, work to be performed and the associated costs. It is not unusual for this proposal to contain a few options. Once the proposal is finalized and electronically signed, the job will be scheduled.

3. Prep Work

Upon arrival, we will meet with you and review the signed proposal. Marking paint is placed on the lawn where the curbing is to be created. We will need your approval before we can proceed. This last step before curbing installation provides an opportunity to answer any questions or make final modifications to the proposal. This is normally done on the day of the job, but can be done a day or two prior, if necessary.

4. Curbing

We will arrive in a truck and large trailer with an attached mixer. Normally we park at the street and run a hose from your house to the mixer (and wheelbarrow the mixed concrete to where the curbing is being created).

A sod cutter will be used following the marked lines on the lawn. This sod is approximately 2 inches in thickness and can be used in areas to replace other sparse areas in your yard or taken away. Next, a plate tamper will compact the soil where the sod was removed and the the curbing machine will create your custom curbing.

When we are finished, the only change in the appearance of your yard will be the addition of curbing. Our team works hard to do a thorough job of cleaning up all work areas

5. Sealing

Sealing is the final process of installing the your curbing. This is going to protect the curb from the sun's UV rays and prevent the color in the concrete from fading. This process should be repeated every two years and can be done by the homeowner or Curbing By Design can do the application on a bi-annual contract.

6. Invoice

You will have the choice of paying by check or credit card electronically after the work has been completed.

7. Curb Appeal

All the above steps in the curbing process are normally completed in one day giving your home a distinctive look. You will enjoy years of less maintenance and a transformative look you will love for decades to come!